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My (Temporary) Taste of Freedom

Hello Fur Friends,

This morning I attempted a great feat, and was temporarily successful in my quest.

I, Bailey Le Boo, managed to escape through the front door when my pops went to take out the recycling.

Me, in the backyard – between barks at passersby (probably)

But Why?

Now you may be asking, why Bailey? Why would you try to escape from a home where you’re obviously loved? I mean, your mom has literally made you the star of your own Instagram, TikTok and she gave you an entire blog as a platform… So why you runnin’ girl?

I don’t know… kicks. Something to do?

Here’s The Deal

Actually, what happened was my pawrents have been walking me and my brofur, Nugget, a lot lately. So when the door opened up, I thought it was time for our early morning walk. And I got excited and bolted out the door. BUT then I was like (to myself), hold up Bailey… you’re not wearing your harness and there is no leash attached to me in any way, shape or form so… my bad!

And once I realized my faux pas, I sat down in front of our neighbor’s recycling cans and waited for my dad to pick me up and bring me home. I just had to wait like a minute because it was our neighbor across the street, so… yeah.

Besides, I got too much anxiety to go too far without mama. That’s life as a velcro dog!

Until next time mother puppers!

Please Support

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