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A Dog With A Blog And An Ambassadorship

Hello Fur friends,

This will be my first ‘official’ post. Mama wrote the other post that’s on here. She knows all about dogs and the different breeds, and things like that.

Mama and I have toyed around with the idea of a blog ever since she brought me home from the Amish farm she adopted me from in Spring 2021. We just weren’t sure how to navigate it.

What Kind Of Blog Will This Be?

I think we’re going to go with me (Bailey) writing the fun and silly content, and mama writing the more informative stuffs about dogs, my breed (Sheltie), dog mom things and dog momager life.

The dog mom things and dog momager life stuffs will most likely include social media tips, tricks and whatnot. I am, after all, a well known pupfluencer on Instagram AND TikTok – Nearly 2500 people worldwide (combined total for both accounts) enjoy my antics.

Mama is also working on designs for T-shirts, mugs and all sorts of goodies. So that is absolutely something to look forward to in the near future.

Did Someone Say Ambassadorship?

Yes! Mama managed to land me a SWEET 3-month contract with an amazing artist named Emma. I mean, take a look…

How cute did she make me? I mean, she even got that gorgeous purple… like how did she know mama and I both LOVE purple? I am a February Aquarius, and my birthstone is amethyst. And mama’s natal moon is in Aquarius, which basically makes us soul mates. But wow with the purple and the shade of it. We loves it.

Absolutely feel free to use my personal code at EZ DESIGNS – It’s a small business, which mama and I both love, and her prices are VERY reasonable and affordable. We’re going to get a banner made for my Instagram, and some Holiday fun done to this gorgeous bio pic.

We’re already loving this partnership and we think Emma is just PAW-some!

More To Come

So now that I’m officially a dog with a blog (wasn’t that a show on Disney back in the day?), I will be posting here on the regular. I do need mama to do my typing, as I lack the opposable thumbs humans have. Mama is also fixing our janky stairs and she said something about putting a tree up in the house. I have no idea what that means but I can assure you that Nugget (my older brofur) and I would bark at a tree in the house until everyone’s ears bleed.

Who puts a tree in a house?

Until next time mother puppers!


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